Gear Ratio Calculator

Gear Ratio Calculator 2.5

GRC tells you the attainable speed for each gear at any given engine rpm
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Gear Ratio Calculator is an application which tells you the attainable speed for each gear at any given engine rpm value. This application has its use when you are trying to adjust the setup of the gears with the gear ratios. This application helps in adjusting your gear by letting you know the speed at the time of gear shifts. You can prevent your gears from being badly spaced, as the program tells you the engine revs before and after gear shifts. You can cut down on the wheel spin as well, as this calculator will inform you of the torque, which is available for each gear. The top speed performance and the performance of acceleration from zero can be gauged with this program. You can calculate all types of aerodynamics of your vehicle, so that you can adjust the aero balancing, and then rate its impact on the vehicle's top speed and acceleration. This program can also give an estimation about how much your tyres will get deformed. You can customize the program according to your preference.

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  • A useful utility for tuning up your vehicle


  • Cannot be used by everybody as it requires knowledge about gearing
  • Outdated; the developer recommends to download Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser instead
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